And while it seems to be just all about the makeup, it’s not. As pretty bright pinks and oranges draw more attention to you, your face becomes the focal point. Color will always highlight your best features, but on the flip side, also underscores the things you might not love as much – meaning good skincare is especially important. There’s no reason to skip on a trend you love because don’t feel confident in your skin, but we do understand. Feeling beautiful does starts with beautiful skin? And beautiful skin? Well, it starts with good care.

Fresh from the runway (no pun intended) are fresh, dewy skin and bright lips paired with a naked eye. It’s a refreshing turn from the nudes and beige of previous beauty trends – and nothing speaks of summer better than a fluorescent pop of color!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

With all eyes on, well, yours, it’s essential to take care of the areas around the eye. Never skimp on your eye cream, no matter how hot or sweaty it is outside; instead, switch to a lightweight version in the summer. The Hyaluronic Eye Cream absorbs quickly without leaving shine – making it ideal for using under makeup without having to worry about concealer slipping and sliding everywhere.

Eyes looking puffy from late-nights? Try keeping our Ceramide Eye Gel in the fridge to refresh and de-puff tired eyes.

And now you’re more than ready to brace the world with a naked eye. (We’ll allow a few swipes of mascara is allowed for decency’s sake).

To achieve that fresh, dewy skin before the makeup even goes on...

… Develop a skincare regimen specified to your skin’s needs. Follow it religiously, cleansing and toning twice a day, using masks and exfoliators 1-2 times a week and always moisturizing to get your skin in the best condition possible.

Clean, tighten, and refine. Once or twice a week, give yourself a much needed TLC with our Orange Tonic Mask. Fifteen minutes later, say goodbye to congested pores and residual dirt and oil. Say hellooo to tightened pores and brighter skin!

For a smoother, glowing complexion, exfoliate with our Almond and Honey Non-Abrasive Scrub. It smells divine, for one. But since smell isn’t everything, the finely ground almond and cornmeal gently exfoliates to remove dead skin and prevent clogged pores. Really, though: it smells so good.

Matte skin had its 15 minutes of fame a year or two ago. Runways love a fresh, youthful visage these days, so it’s only convenient we have dewiness in a bottle. It’s blue. It’s called the Herbal Hydrating Serum, but labels aren’t everything. Use it alone (if you’re oily) or on top of your moisturizer (if you’re drier) to hydrate and rejuvenate for dewiness before the plethora of cream blushes and highlighters.

Radiance is nice too. Another emulsion of magic (an MB’s staff’s own words) – the Vitamin C Serum – this time, in a green bottle. It improves skin texture, tones, brightens, but for the abridged version, it’s radiance in a bottle. All you need is a few drops.

. . .

Have you tried the brights trend yet? Let us know – leave it in the comments below!

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