What's In Your Skin Care? Caviar

caviarWhat’s more luxurious than CAVIAR? It’s in our nature to want something that’s rare and hard to come by—and Caviar is no exception. But how is Caviar good for your skin?

You may have noticed that we use Seaweed in a lot of products—and for good reason. You know how your skin always looks fresh and beautiful near the sea? Seaweed has anti-inflammatory benefits for sensitive skin while hydrating dry complexions. Caviar really encapsulates all that we love about the sea for our skin; in particular, we love its anti-aging power. For one, it has been found to accelerate the production of collagen. It is also rich in Vitamins A and D and offers serious moisture and hydration. In fact: Caviar naturally contains over 23 vitamins, minerals and amino acids and has antioxidant properties to help fight against aging free radicals.

Have you tried the Caviar Night Cream?

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