Product Spotlight: Special Hand Cream With Vitamin E

It’s here: that time of year for dry, chapped hands. (For those of us in colder climates!)


Chapped hands

How to cure dry hands: unfortunately, there is no cure, extactly. Keeping dry hands hydrated and soft is a daily effort. We like to think of it as an everyday luxury—ia 30-second treat that smells lovely and makes your skin feel smooth and moisturized. In the MB offices, we like to keep a jar of Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E at our desks to help keep our hands soft and moisturized throughout the day. I also keep one at home; it travels from room to room with me, from the living room to the kitchen and to my bedside table. The Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E uses Wheat Germ Oil (which absorbs super-fast) to deeply moisturize without leaving your hands feeling slippery. Vitamin A and D Oils help keep your hands soft while also providing antioxidant protection for hands that look as young as possible. We really couldn't get through the colder months without it!


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