What's In Your Skin Care? Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil just sounds exotic, doesn’t it? These days, it’s getting increasingly popular for all sorts of healthy purposes. In fact, I’ve been using it for oil-pulling and my teeth have never felt cleaner! (If you’ve never tried oil-pulling, I highly suggest you google the term right now!) Coconut on wooden background

But back to skin care and coconut oil. As popular as it has become lately, we’ve been using it in our skin care products for decades. In case you haven’t noticed, natural ingredients are sort of our thing. Coconut Oil is fantastic in particular because it is lushly moisturizing. For skin that really needs serious hydration, it’s the natural ingredient you want to keep an eye out for. And speaking of eyes, check out our Dermonectin Eye Cream, which has Coconut Oil!

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