What's In Your Skin Care? Collagen


Collagen: What Is It?

Collagen is a basic, non-water soluble protein strand made up of a number of amino acids. Twenty-five types are found in the body to provide form, firmness and strength to cartilage, connective tissue and organs, but what Collagen is best for is its primary role in maintaining hydration and elasticity of the skin. Collagen, along with Elastin, is what gives your complexion its texture and structure.

As an ingredient in skincare products, Collagen is derived from one of two places: animal connective tissue or marine life. Mario Badescu products only feature Collagen from the latter.


What It Does

  • Helps skin retain natural levels of hydration;

  • Protects skin against moisture loss;

  • Leaves skin soft, smooth and supple;

  • Boosts firmness of complexion;

  • Helps tone and lift sagging skin; and

  • Helps improve appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Why We Love It

Collagen is the building block for maintaining youthful-looking skin. As we age, Collagen breaks down and production decreases, causing skin to sag and wrinkle. This is where Collagen-packed creams and serums come in. A water-binding capability allows Collagen to help the skin retain natural levels of hydration and in doing so, protects skin against moisture loss. By keeping the skin hydrated, it restores a youthful plumpness that helps lift and brighten the complexion, leaving the skin supple and smooth.

Furthermore, Collagen is gentle and non-irritating, making it perfect for dry, sensitive and aging skin types that crave Collagen in their anti-aging products.

We recommend: Collagen Moisturizer SPF 15, Elasto-Collagen Night Cream, Super Collagen Mask, Vital with Collagen & Elastin

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