Our Favorite Hair Conditioner

It’s totally one of my all-time, hands-down Mario Badescu favorites.

The first time I used the Hair Rinsing Conditioner, I was completely caught by surprise. It is so incredibly lightweight that you’d never imagine how soft and hydrated it can make your hair. Running it through my hair I thought that, at best, it would help me detangle. It did so much more than that. FTH_hairrinsIt makes my hair shiny, soft, clean, and bouncy, in a way that heavier conditioners have never been able to. It’s recommended for use on fine, oily hair, although my hair is a bit thicker (and drier), and, if I’m being honest, I haven’t found anything else that works as well. While it’s a universal product, our Hair Rinsing Conditioner has been called a godsend for fine, oily hair. Forget the woes that come with overwhelmingly rich formulations that leave hair feeling matted and greasy. The Hair Rinsing Conditioner is exactly as its name suggests: a treatment that washes out well without unwanted residue. I use it with the Lecithin Nourishing Shampoo, but we have a few others to choose from if you’re interested…

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Speaking of conditioning habits: do you do it on the daily? Or treat on a basis of need?

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