5 Ways to Combat Crow's Feet

Crow’s feet are often the very first and most stubborn sign of aging that we find ourselves contending with. And while there is no magic product that will instantly smooth these lines, there are definitely things that you can do to help improve their appearance and prevent them in the first place.


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Crow’s feet are the horizontal lines that start at the outer corners of the eyes and extend toward the temples. They tend to become visible when we smile or squint. When you combine these common facial expressions with the fact that the skin around the eyes is thinner and more delicate than the skin on the rest of your face, it is easy to see why these wrinkles are so common. Here are our favorite #MBSkinTips for dealing with crow’s feet:

#1 Squinting? Sunglasses are your best friend, find a pair you love and don’t leave home without them.

#2 Hydrate. Dehydration enhances the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, including crow's feet. Drink your daily recommended amount of water and use an eye cream formulated with ingredients that bind moisture to the skin like our Hyaluronic Eye Cream.

#3 Look for products that contain Peptides. Collagen in the skin starts to diminish as we age, which leads to loss of firmness and elasticity. Peptides work to encourage the rebuilding of this lost collagen. Targeted products like our Cellufirm Drops and Dermonectin Eye Cream are made with this collagen-boosting ingredient.

#4 Protect your skin from the sun. The most effective way to ward off premature signs of aging is to shield your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Wide-brimmed hats and umbrellas help as will applying a bit of Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30 away from the eyes and onto the temples where crow’s feet tend to form.

#5 Never stop smiling. Smiling > banishing crow’s feet.

What are your tips for fighting lines and wrinkles?

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