Cruise Skin Care

Summer is very nearly here (They say patience is a virtue, but the reality is that New York had such a long winter that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to walk around sans coat. Or umbrella). So far, spring has been in and out – that fickle little thing – so the best way to ensure we get our full summer’s worth of (some) sun and (lots of) fun?

Book a cruise, because an exotic locale was a bad idea, said no one ever.

Cruises are heaven on salty water. But there is one caveat to this all-inclusive getaway. Two, actually: how to return to reality after a week of carefree cruising, and how not to have our skin stress out the one time we’re not.


Good news is, we've got you covered with the latter. As for the former? You’re on your own. You can always ease the transition back to a significantly cooler reality – we’re talking temperature, unfortunately – by losing yourself in our Pinterest board. (I mean, what do you think we’re doing right now?)

: Travel Beauty: Does Your Skin Take a Vacation Too?>


Why bother with skincare at all?

Simple: skincare always matters. It’s not just about responsibility; it’s about fulfilling a personal promise to treat yourself the very best. Keeping skin at its best means maintaining overall skin health as well as putting your best face forward for that boost in confidence. Isn’t that what we all want? To be able to wear our best selves always, and especially when hot summer locales call for more care?

If that’s not enough, consider this: sun damage it the leading cause of premature fine lines, wrinkles, and liver spots, so it’s essential that you’re diligent with sunscreen at the very least. But when you’re indoor below deck, cruise ships are just like airplanes where you’re just getting recycled cabin air. Things get stuffy in close quarters, and your skin’s discomfort will show by way of dryness, itchiness, redness, flakiness, and (wait for it…) acne breakouts.

Don’t think about shying away from those cameras: memories must be made on this trip. Prevent skin care woes by bringing those good skin care habits on board.


Care for your skin on that cruise:

  • SPF. The three most important letters in your skincare vocabulary especially when there’s beaches and bikinis involved. The more skin you show, the more you need to be sure about protecting every square inch.
  • Moisturize. Cruise ship air can be drying with all that recycled air conditioning circulating the vents. Do as you would if you were on a plane: combat dryness (that either leads to flakiness and itchiness or excess oil production and breakouts, depending on your skin type) by ensuring that your skin is well-moisturized, especially at night.
  • Boost your block. And your glow. Our concentrated Vitamin C Serum is a must for vacation – especially if it involves a tropical getaway. Antioxidant Vitamin C is known to help protect the skin from free radicals and is also essential in collagen production. Use it day or night under your moisturizer to help reduce discoloration and brighten skin immediately. Plus, it’s formulated with Hyaluronic Acid to help the skin retain its natural moisture and Collagen to help enhance your skin’s complexion. You’ll be able to go makeup-free for those beach days, and look flawlessly radiant for every evening occasion.
  • Spritz and soothe. Refresh and rehydrate your skin anytime, anywhere with a rosewater facial spray. Whether you need a cooling mist on the beach or a soothing spritz after sun; whether you need to a moisture boost or want to set your makeup for a flawless finish, this multi-purpose spray does it all.
  • Treat your skin. The first nights might be a little tough on your complexion, so show it some love with the Super Collagen Mask. It’s clay-based to help tighten, nourish, and decongest the skin, but also formulated with Collagen and soothing Oatmeal to reduce any redness or irritation.
  • Always be prepared. Keep the Drying Lotion handy just in case a pesky pimple or two does pop up because of the environment change. It’s a fast-acting, effective spot treatment that help shrink whiteheads virtually overnight so you feel confident to bare it all the next day.
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