We’ve listed a few reasons why we love cucumbers before. Is it obvious we’re cucumber fans?

Probably. (But to be fair, we love all sorts of fruits and veggies – the more the merrier, and the happier your skin!)

When we hear cucumbers, we think skincare (and salads). It’s with good reason; nothing feels better than a cool refresher and knowing there’s a bit of pore tightening action happening simultaneously. What we don’t think of, however, is cucumber going beyond its R&R capabilities.

Rethink cucumbers. Consider our Special Cucumber Lotion- a toner with a kick.


What makes it special is that it's a toner ideal for combination/oily/acne-prone skin types, one that doesn’t leave your skin just feeling clean, but super clean while fighting breakouts.

We weren’t kidding about the whole cucumber with a kick thing.

It’s sulfur-based to help disinfect skin, promote proper healing and keep future breakouts out bay. Current blemishes and excess oil are dried up to de-grease and clean. Cucumber extract also soothes the skin in order to aid in keeping the balance.

Ahhh, your skin will say. Clean feels good.

As with all things – but especially with astringents – follow with a moisturizer to rehydrate the skin. (Oily skin needs love too!) If you like cucumbers with a kick, you just might fall in love with any of our Oil-Free Moisturizers or Aloe Moisturizer with SPF 15.

. . .

Let’s get off cucumbers (for a moment) – what ingredient do you look for in your skincare products?

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