Common Problem: Dark Skin Above Lip

dark skin above lip

The upper lip area—for a lot of women—is a touchy area. It’s meant to be hair-free, smooth, and even in color. Unfortunately, TONS of women experience darkened skin above their lips, and for a lot of them it’s really embarrassing.



This skin darkening (hyperpigmentation) is the result of exposure to the sun mixed with fluctuating hormones. It is sometimes exacerbated by birth control pills or pregnancy. I’ll be honest—I use a higher SPF in this area than on the rest of my face. In fact, I use the Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 17 on my face, and the Oil Free 30 very specifically on the area that tends to darken. Mainly, though, I managed to fade my hyperpigmentation with Vitamin C Serum. In fact, it was much worse in my 20s than it is now (I’m 35) because I’ve been using the serum for a few years now. I don’t even use concealer for this problem anymore. If you’re experiencing dark skin above the lip, it’s definitely worth taking a closer at this serum, if you haven’t already.


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