Going to Disney? Here’s a Checklist of Things You Should Bring

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Last month, we were whisked away for a company-wide retreat that quickly turned into a Disney World takeover. Need a mist? No problem. There’s a person in front of you and in back of you who’s armed with a Mario Badescu Facial Spray, ready to share a refreshing spritz with other weary waiters in line. And between takes of tossing the facial spray in the air (#doitforthegram) and strategizing on how to hit all the best rides with minimal wait time, here’s what we learned:
  1. You’re never too old for Disney World.
  2. The buddy system is applicable to adults, too.
  3. There is a sweet spot between under-prepared and over-packed that’ll make your day in Disney all the smoother.
So, without further ado: a list of all the things we brought (or wish we remembered to bring) so you can have your perfect day in Disney:
  • FACIAL SPRAY. Bring two bottles (one rosewater, one green tea if you’re so inclined) because come 3pm mid-day slam, adults and kids both will be fighting over who gets spritzed first. You will need the refresher every hour or so (sweaty theme parks and long lines will call for multiple misting sessions), and it’ll give the kids (or you, even!) something to play with while waiting for It’s A Small World.

#MBSkinTip: Do as the pros do. Stash your facial sprays the hotel fridge before you take on Disney World. That extra cooling boost is everything.

  • OIL FREE MOISTURIZER SPF 30. The last thing you want to do is lug around a giant bag for 8+ hours. Not only is this sunscreen compact and travel-friendly, it’s universal—which means this one bottle will do the trick for the entire Disney crew (dry-skinned tot and oily teens both will love this formula).
  • AFTER SUN COOLING GEL. Whether you’ve been a little lax with the sunscreen application or if you just want a cooling boost all-over, After Sun Cooling Gel is your go-to for an instant cooling, soothing boost. Skin that gets the most sun—like shoulders and arms—will find this to be a nice treat after walking in the sun all day long.
  • LIP WAX. Chapped lips are no fun—especially in the sun.
  • HYDRATING HAND CREAM. It sounds like a non-essential, but it’s not: Stay with me on this one. Between sun exposure, constant hand-washing, and frequent-hand sanitizing between rides and food stops, your hands will get uncomfortably dry. The solution? A lightweight, fast-absorbing hand cream that keeps hands happy and refreshed thanks to its Peppermint-infused formula. No greasy hand prints on rollercoaster bars found here.
  • A PONCHO. Especially if you’re going to be in Orlando.
  • POWER BANK OR SPARE BATTERY PACK. Between the Insta-stories, snaps, and Fast Pass ride bookings, you’ll need all the juice you can get. You need your phone to last you until the fireworks show. Need.
  • SUNGLASSES, HAT, LIGHT JACKET. Do what you can to prevent painful sunburns and worse—future sun damage.
  • A DISPOSABLE CAMERA. Kick it old-school and do it for the memories. (Plus, losing it on Space Mountain will bring a lot less heartbreak than finding out your Instax flew off mid-drop.)
  • HAND SANITIZER. It’s a public space, people.
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