End-Of-Summer Cleaning!

end of summer

A snapshot of NYC Pretty’s pristine beauty shelf...

Less is more; simplicity is king. Take a good look at your medicine cabinet or vanity right now. Have you had lotion X and cleanser Y for longer than you remember? Toss them. No regrets, now; don’t even think twice about it. (Using expired skincare products is just as bad as wearing expired makeup, ladies and gents!)

Feeling a bit lighter?

Next, take a good look at what’s left. What works well with your skin? Cut it down to the products you know are great for you skin. (Or, think of it this way: which skincare items could you not live without? Which made a difference, or made you feel good inside and out?)

Chances are, you’re left with the basics (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, eye cream, mask, and exfoliant) and just a few extras for your emergency skincare arsenal. That’s the Mario Method for ya: simple and easy as 1-2-3. Never underestimate the power of basics: they’re your foundation and all you really need. Too much old stuff and you have yourself an overcrowded medicine cabinet. It’s always about what works the most efficiently for you. No jingles, just a straightforward regimen that does the job well.

How’s that for end-of-summer cleaning?

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