Are You Wasting Product Without Even Knowing It?

No matter how effective your product is or how potent its active ingredients, all the money, time, and effort you spend on your skin might just might be going down the drain.

Here’s why: clogged pores are sometimes the result of excess skin care products.

Skin care products yield the most optimal results when applied to the freshest, newest layer of skin. It makes sense: dead skin cells simply cannot – and do not – benefit from treatment. The buildup of dead skin cells prevents moisturizers, serums, masks, etc. from doing what they are meant to. Furthermore, clogged pores don’t allow skin care products to properly penetrate the skin, leaving you less than satisfied with results (and with a whole lot of product gone to waste).

Sometimes, when products arent doing what they're supposed to, we add more and more, in the hopes of getting results. Obviously, if products cannot penetrate the skin, heaping on additional product isn't going to help.

The solution is simple: Regular exfoliation is the key to healthy skin.

Regular exfoliation, whether with a supplemental Alpha Hydroxy Acid-based cleanser or granular scrub – is essential for removing dulling, pore-clogging buildup and promoting healthy cell turnover.

Make exfoliation a priority. It always pays off: the proof is in the efficacy of your products – and the visible improvement on your skin.
exfoliation Exfoliation is key.
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