Skin Sin Series: Wearing Expired Makeup...Yikes

If you've been paying attention to our skin sin series, it means that your makeup brushes are immaculate and your pillow cases are changed regularly. But let's be honest, how long have you been holding on to that lipstick in the shade that was discontinued? Hmmmm? There is yet another skin sin to preach about: wearing old makeup that should have been thrown out ages ago. If you’re attached to that crusty eye shadow palette, your frosted lipstick that was purchased in 1995 or a foundation that is turning orange, you must keep reading this post before your skin suffers any further.

Nothing lasts forever—especially cosmetics. The shelf life of makeup can be a decent length of time, but don’t run wild with that fact. Here’s a little shelf life breakdown for you:

• Mascara—two to three months.

• Powder based products (i.e. eye shadow, blush)—two to three years.

• Lipsticks—two years, but you can increase its longevity if you refrigerate it—yes, refrigerate, so you might as well display it next to the ketchup.

• Eye and Lip Liners—up to three years.

• Liquid foundations—up to one year.

If you use your makeup longer than its life span, you are welcoming bacteria into your skin (and eyes and lips), so three words: throw it away. Do your poor skin a favor. Let’s break it down even more: wearing old makeup is conducive to acne breakouts and potential eye infection (yikes). Is this not incentive enough to toss out that dated mascara? Are you now inspired to trash your bacteria-infested blush? Go ahead and say it—eww. Nuff said.

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