Got Baggage?

We all do.

eye bags

A part of growing up means acknowledging the baggage we all carry. It doesn’t necessarily mean we have to accept it but it does mean coming to terms with it. Once you face your baggage eye to eye, you can change it.

Yes, really. Don’t you ever let eye bags bring you down.

It starts at the beginning. Want to minimize darkness, puffiness, and under-eye bags? Drink up and sleep more! Make sure you clock in at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day. Beauty sleep is called that with good reason: it’s about getting the rest your body needs and sleeping the right way.

Drink more water. All day, every day. Dehydration and inconsistent sleeping habits (or just plain bad ones) can seriously make you tired. You’ll feel it, sure, but you can bet those bags will get bigger. Not only will your complexion look (depending on your undertones) dull or sallow, but any fine lines, puffiness, and discoloration will be highlighted.

Give it a day or two. Is the difference already incredible or what?

Other tips and tricks we love for minimizing bags:

  • Stash your eye cream in the fridge. We love our Ceramide Eye Gel and Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream: both are lightweight formulas that hydrate effectively and efficiently. The hit of cold eye cream instantly helps wake up tired eyes and minimize any morning puffiness; plus, these two are easily absorbed and grease-free, making them ideal for wearing under makeup.
  • Make room in the fridge for a metal spoon, too. Why not? If de-puffing is what you’re after, this is sure to further help. Place the back of the spoon gently against your eye and hold still until the spoon no longer feels cold to the touch.
  • Green tea bags and cucumber slices are great, too. Make a morning cuppa’ tea and remove the tea bag once it’s steeped. Let it cool just for a little, squeezing out excess water before placing over your (closed) eye. The warm bag is a little less shocking than the cold spoon trick, but still effective. If you’re craving a little anti-inflammatory action or something more suited for an R&R spa feel rather than a wake-me-up, the cucumber slices will be more your speed.

. . .

How do YOU de-puff your bags?

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