What—You Don’t Carry Eye Cream In Your Car?

With great power comes great responsibility, said one wise uncle to one spider-y superhero; and with college comes great baggage, said everyone, ever. Baggage that includes at least 10 pounds of textbooks, lugging a laptop back and forth, and yes—those dark circles and dreaded under-eye bags too.

With over 12 hour days running around campus schlepping all this baggage, it only made sense for me to carry an eye cream (or two) in my car. Between classes I’d run to my car to unload, switch out books, and layer up as the night grew cooler—all the while reviving my complexion with a spritz of rosewater and dab of the eye cream du jour. Let me tell you: college student or not, a mini skincare and beauty kit does wonders for the body and soul. Let me be a testament to that.

In said mini MB kit I have the usual suspects: the mini Rosewater Facial Spray, lip balm (I’m usually a jar kind of girl, but when on the go, sticks are the way to go!), Cuticle Cream, a hair smoothing serum, and any hand cream favorite of the moment. What my girlfriends find strange—only at first though, might I add), was that I stowed away not one, but two jars of eye cream: the Ceramide Eye Gel and Hyaluronic Eye Cream.

I never leave home unprepared.

Here’s the logic: long days of squinting at chalkboards from the back of a lecture hall takes a toll on the eyes. They feel dry, they feel tired, they feel exhausted. I can physically feel the puffiness puff, and the darkness get darker – and it’s not a pleasant feeling at all. Thus, to prevent my presence from becoming an eyesore (ha!), I keep on hand some contacts-friendly eye drops and the Ceramide Eye Gel to help soothe, rehydrate and de-puff the under-eyes. (This works especially well in the fall/winter months; the cold weather acts as a refrigerator really, keeping my eye cream cold for an extra kick of cool when it’s time to reapply.)

When’s it’s particularly dry or windy out, my eyes need a bit of help in the moisture department—and that’s where the Hyaluronic Eye Cream comes into play. It’s lightweight enough where I’m not worried about it feeling greasy even minutes after application, and should I be wearing makeup that day, there’s no fear of it smudging or ruining my morning’s hard work. It takes only moments to absorb into the skin, wherein both my undereyes and I can let out a sigh of relief.

Tell us: Do you keep eye cream on hand at all times? In your car, your handbag, your office drawer?

We want to know!

. . .

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