How to Maintain Your Skin Between Facials

You know how great your skin looks after a facial? Making the commitment to go for regular facials is a wonderful gift to give yourself and your skin, but don't stop there. To make your skin look its absolute best, you must think of yourself as an ally to your esthetician. Do your part at home, in between facials, to maintain the condition of your skin.

Here's how:
  • Be sure you are consistent with your recommended skin care regimen (day and night). There's a reason your esthetician created that specific regimen for your skin, so stick with it! Remember, this is the person who helped your skin look beautiful in the first place.
  • Respect your esthetician's expertise and always leave extractions to a professional. Never attempt to squeeze pimples or blackheads at home; this can cause serious damage and scarring to your skin.
  • Between professional facials, do an at-home facial using a mask that suits your skin type once a week.
Are you maintaining your skin between facials?
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