How to Rock the Perfect Complexion & Vampy Lip For Fall

Warmer weather and lots of sun have had us reaching for pink glosses and stains, but come the first cool breezes of Fall, all pretty brights go back into the drawers as deeper shades come out to play. Vampy, burgundy lips are on trend this fall – and with it? A minimal but perfect complexion, of course!

You know the basics – find a cleanser that suits your fall skin. Don’t know which toner to follow with? We’ve got a breakdown guide for your perusal. Make sure you’re properly hydrated and moisturized as well – the key to a healthier, more luminous complexion is plenty of water and a good moisturizer.

Drier skin in need of a little bit of radiance? Try adding our Herbal Hydrating Serum for a lightweight, dewy finish (here at Mario, dewy skin is always in). There’s a difference between glowing and oily, however; should oily skin, acne-prone skin need some shine control, here’s a little #MBBeautyTip: try dusting a bit of our Special Healing Powder along your T-Zone, alone or over your favorite foundation for some double duty action (you know we love nothing more than when beauty and skincare come together!). The sulfur-based powder will help absorb excess oil and fight existing blemishes. (Click the link to tweet this tip!)

And because your lips are your focal point with this bold bordeaux, pay them extra care and attention. Give them a good ol’ scrub every night to keep them plump and soft; after all, they need regular exfoliation too! Doing so keeps them smooth while promoting blood flow for plumper, rosier lips.

DIY a lip scrub of your own! Scrape a bit of your favorite balm in a small jar or bowl. Stir in about 1 teaspoon of brown sugar, or until the consistency becomes quite lumpy and grainy in texture. Slather it on your lips and thoroughly – but gently! – exfoliate. Rinse off the excess, pop on a bit more balm, and you’re ready to wake up to luscious lips the next morning.

Ready to rock the bold lip? Reapply lip balm before you start your daily skincare and makeup regimen to prep your lips. You need a soft, smooth base for an easy and pretty application, so let the lip treatment work its magic and soak into the skin. Be generous, but be sure to blot off any excess product before you apply your lipstick.

And voila! You have yourself beautifully soft, smooth lips.

. . .

Now whether you go bordeaux or not this fall is up to you – what skincare and beauty trends are YOU loving this fall?

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