First Day of Summer Checklist

Summer is here! It is the first day, of the best season, of the year!


After Sun Cooling Gel summer must-have

The first thing we reach for after a long summer day


Ok, I realize I’m showing very strong bias here, but I’ve taken the liberty of compiling this summer checklist so you don’t miss out on a single second of fun—or, if you don’t love summer as much as I do, so you can muddle through until—shudder—“sweater weather” comes back around.

1. Stock up on Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 30. If you only manage to check one thing off of this list, please let it be this. Don’t get caught off guard during your next run, or the kids' next baseball game, unprotected. Your skin has an incredible memory, and that sunburn you get today, will show up as sun spots sooner than you can imagine. Ok, that’s enough gloom and doom for one post, now for fun.

2. Buy a beautiful pitcher and tumblers or if you already have a set, unearth them from your cupboard and keep them handy. I am a major believer in the power of enjoying simple pleasures. I love big glasses of lemon mint water poured from a heavy glass pitcher. It turns something that we normally do on autopilot, like drinking a glass of water, into an experience that we can enjoy and partake in mindfully. Be adventurous and conjure up as many variations of flavored water, iced tea, and lemonade as you can until you have a signature that friends look forward to enjoying when they come to visit.

3. Stock your fridge . . . with your favorite beauty products. While we don’t suggest deep freezing your entire skin care regimen, there are two musts that I always pop in the refrigerator when the temperatures rise. Chill a jar of your Ceramide Eye Gel and apply in the AM to combat the puffiness that can be brought on after a boozy barbecue or a late night bonfire. And nothing feels better after a steamy end-of-day commute than a cool misting of Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater.

4. Prepare a beach bag. Stop. Where is your beach bag right now? Do you know? Is it empty? If your best friend calls and tells you to drop everything because she is coming to pick you up for a beach day in 10 minutes, could you step up to the plate? Perfect beach days are precious, people. We must always be ready. Have a bag filled with your sunscreen of choice, an effortless sun hat, two beach towels, wet wipes (I know I’m not the only one who likes to indulge in the occasional boardwalk ice pop), and a good book. It’s not too late. Do this today. It is officially summer. I can’t promise that tomorrow won’t be the best beach day of the year, now go.

5. After Sun Cooling Gel, because everyone makes mistakes. Ok, summertime can lend itself to overindulgence. It happens, even to me, and I make my livelihood helping people have their best possible skin. Once in a while, even when you feel like you’ve been vigilant, you might come home, look in the mirror, and eek, you see red. Maybe it is red forearms, or shoulders, maybe you thought you put sunscreen on both legs but were distracted and put it on your left leg twice! Whatever it was, it’s ok, you’re human. And besides you soooo got this, because you had a summer checklist and totally have a fresh bottle of this soothing, cooling, Aloe-infused skin saver waiting for you.

6. Have picnic blanket. Will picnic. If your husband, wife, boyfriend, cute fireman that you smile at on your way to work (hi!), suggests a lazy summer day that doesn’t include sand, are you ready? I always have an attractive picnic blanket, with a cute pattern ready to go. Because not everyone is into sand, or lives near a beach, besides tree shade is really nice when it’s warm out.

What did I miss? Tell us which MB products are on your summer checklist!

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