Five Ways to Beat Stress

The start of September - a new school year, quarter, etc. - can be stressful. We understand - we've been in your place, and still are. It wreaks havoc on our skin; no sleep? Puffy, dark circles creep up. Anxiety? Hello, stress pimple.


And while we all wish there was some means of banishing stress itself all together (we'll keep waiting for that day), the best thing to do is to take a step back and relax. Breathe. Take five, and any time you're feeling stressed, keep these five tips in mind:

  1. Remove all your makeup. Let your skin breathe, literally. You'll feel cleansed and refreshed.
  2. Take five, and stretch. Extend it to half an hour if you can. Take a brisk walk - enjoy the fresh air and scenery. Go for a quick jog or run. Stretch out every part of your body. Exercise releases endorphins. (And so does chocolate!)
  3. Take a shower or a bath. Soothe, calm, relax - indulge in soaps and bath products to help decompress. Give yourself these 10-30 minutes of alone time: you deserve it. We recommend the Seaweed Bubble Bath & Shower Gel: a fragrant body wash with an invigorating blend of botanical extracts nourish and revitalize.
  4. Apply a mask. We all have 20 minutes to spare regardless of how busy our day is. The benefits are twofold: (1) you're guaranteed 20 minutes of relaxation to do with as you will; place cucumbers over your eyes and nap, or read that book you never seem to have the time to finish, and (2) you're doing your skin a favor, whether it be a cleansing, tightening or calming mask!
  5. Light a candle. Make a cup of herbal tea, bring out your favorite stack of books or DVDs, and let yourself wind down after a long day.

And if you still get that stress pimple, we know you know exactly what to do: reach for a Q-tip and that bottle of Drying Lotion!


What do you do to decompress and de-stress? Share your tips & tricks!


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