Are You 'Ghosting' Your Skin Care Products?


It’s not your skin care regimen—it’s you, right? The early stages of your relationship were perfect. You carefully followed the steps (cleanse, tone, moisturize), and finally got the skin results you’ve always wanted. Then, one night, you went to bed without so much as washing your face. Sure, you woke up to a few bumpy spots and a little redness, but it wasn’t that bad! But then you started sleeping in your makeup at least once a week. Now your mask and favorite hydrating serum were being totally neglected, stashed in the back of your medicine cabinet. And your skin? Not looking its best. Have you ever ‘ghosted’ your skin care regimen? Are you doing it right now? If there’s an amazing serum, mask, night cream, or other miracle product sitting in your medicine cabinet, we challenge you to take it out today and use it. Start doing your twice-daily routine again. Shoot, even do a mini at-home facial if you’ve got the time. It’s time to get back together again… make a permanent commitment to gorgeous skin!

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