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Perfect Holiday Gifts For Men

This holiday season, I have four guys to shop for, and they’re all so different. It's hard to pick out gifts for men! Check out these ‘types’ and see which gifts to give to each!


gifts for men

The carefully-groomed, always clean-shaven guy: This one is my brother. He’s always elegantly ‘suited up’ and smells so clean. No stubble for this guy! Here’s the perfect gift set for him:

The Executive Collection for Men

The non-nonsense guy: My uncle always looks nicely put together, but he’s not putting a lot of work into his appearance. He’s definitely a no-frills character. His perfect gift?

Men’s Grooming Basics

The guy who doesn’t shave: Do you know a guy who sports an amazing beard? No worries! Here are a few skin care products that pretty much every guy likes:

AHA & Botanical Body Soap (because it helps keep the chest and back areas acne-free!) Silver Powder (a lot of guys are concerned about blackheads!) Drying Lotion (for a quick solution to acne breakouts) Hydrating Hand Cream (doesn’t everyone get dry hands in the winter?) Vitamin A & E Hydrating Balm (a lightweight hydrating balm that can be used as a moisturizer)

The guy who does nothing for his appearance. You know this guy. He's been wearing the same flannel for a few days and you're only mildly convinced he's wearing deodorant. Better start with baby steps and hook him up with a decent body wash!

AHA & Botanical Body Soap

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