Favorite Girls'-Night-In Movies

Whether you’re a teenager or a grown woman, nothing is more fun than getting together with your friends, eating delicious snacks, and watching a few of your favorite movies. While the food choices will likely change with age (vegan spinach dip, anyone?), a few things remain constant: there are beauty lessons to be found everywhere. Here are a few from some of our top girls night in picks!


1. Mean Girls

girls night in

The moral of this Tina Fey comedy? Avoid putting foot cream on your face like Regina George. Actually, we think it’s something about being true to yourself and accepting others. Also, make sure you’re using the right skin care products for your skin. Can you believe this movie is already 10 years old? (Read: What’s your skin type?)


2. 10 Things I Hate About You

girls night in

Oh my, Joseph Gordon Levitt. In all his teen adorable-ness, you know he (and the half of the cast that were actually teenagers) had to have some Drying Lotion at his disposal.


3. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

girls night in

Holly Golightly has a bad habit of sleeping in her makeup and then simply ‘touching-up’ before heading out. Yet, Audrey Hepburn’s skin remains flawless throughout the film. Let’s try to ignore this serious breach in logic and indulge in a deep cleanse. (Read: 5 Skin are habits to break)


4. Girls Just Want To Have Fun

girls night in

If you haven’t yet seen this Sarah Jessica Parker dance movie classic, I insist you watch it immediately. Here’s the breakdown: Nerdy school girl signs up for a dance competition… and her partner is the hot bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks (of course, he’s actually a sweetheart). And you know there’s a skin care lesson to be had here—check out SJP’s glowing teen skin and witness what exercise can do for your complexion! (Read: Exercise and your skin)


5. Sixteen Candles

girls night in

When I was a teenager, my best girlfriend and I would always call each other when we discovered Sixteen Candles on television (this is, of course, long before the days of on-demand and streaming). We, too, hoped that Jake would show up—with his Porsche—to rescue us from our angsty teen lives. The lesson in Sixteen Candles? We’ll say that it’s probably a bad idea to give a teenage boy your birth control pills (remember that scene!?). (Read: Does hormonal birth control help acne?)


6. Sleepless In Seattle

girls night in

We couldn’t make this list without including Meg Ryan. And what’s more romantic than a love story that’s simply meant to be? The moral of this story: being ‘sleepless’ is just bad for your skin! (Okay, we may have stretched this last one a little!) (Read: Why sleep is so important for beautiful skin)

What are your favorite girls’ night movies?

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