Glowing Skin Made Easy

Seriously. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


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Beauty trends come and go—but here at Mario Badescu Skin Care, glowing skin is always in. A regimen is ideal for keeping skin in tip-top condition, but when you’re in a pinch (especially on a Monday morning), here’s how to fake looking refreshed and well-rested.

  1. Scrub. Granular exfoliants are particularly satisfying when you want to know you’re giving yourself a good scrub. Our Strawberry Face Scrub, formulated with real strawberry seeds, provides gentle yet effective buffing action to help revive lackluster skin and get rid of dulling buildup. Plus, the act of massaging your skin helps boost circulation and gets blood flowing. (And look! You didn’t even have to run outside a mile to get that healthy, rosy flush!)

  2. Nourish. A freshly-scrubbed complexion means that skin is all the more ready to soak up the goods. Take advantage and nourish it with your favorite moisturizer or cream. Antioxidant-rich The Moisture Magnet (SPF 15) is our go-to between seasons when you’re craving intense hydration but in need of a slightly lighter formula. (Try it and you’ll see why makeup artists love prepping their clients’ skin with this moisturizer!) Plus, it offers broad spectrum protection—a must for keeping skin looking radiant and youthful years from now.

  3. Glow. You know the drill. Add dewy radiance whenever, wherever with our cult-favorite facial mist. With a blend of Aloe, Rose Hips, Gardenia, Bladderwrack, and Thyme to instantly revitalize all skin types, there’s good reason why this is the facial spray has been the talk of town for years now.

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What’s your glow-on-the-go regimen look like?

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