How to Soothe Your Skin After A Glycolic Peel

Glycolic peels are ideal for those who have the following skin issues: acne, hyperpigmentation, aging skin and a lackluster complexion. A light chemical peel usually requires no downtime but still necessitates extra care. After a peel, the skin is temporarily vulnerable and characterized by dryness and redness (think of the ‘must get worse before it gets better’ phenomenon). Glycolic peels increase photosensitivity; it is crucial to avoid the sun after a peel treatment.

Cool Compress To cool and calm the skin post-peel, apply a cool (not cold) compress on the skin for several minutes or intermittently throughout the day on a daily basis until recovery time subsides. You don’t need to use anything from the freezer, but rather a small cotton towel or cloth dampened with cool water.

Don’t Pick It is tempting to pick the skin after the peel when your skin starts to flake (which is a normal part of the recovery process). However, don’t pick regardless of how tempting it is because it will only delay the healing process.

Avoid the Sun It is best to stay out of the sun completely while you’re recovering from the peel—especially if you have hyperpigmentation (i.e., brown spots). Sun exposure may only aggravate dark spots and may cause even more.


Use Soothing and Gentle Skin Care Products It is imperative to use mild and soothing skin care products after a chemical peel. We recommend the following after a Glycolic peel:


The next time you get a Glycolic peel, put these tips into practice and you’ll have calmer skin!
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