What’s In Your Skincare? Grapefruit Extract

Grapefruit has long been hailed for its benefits when used in skincare. Since this natural ingredient has the ability to tone the skin and it works great for oily and acne-prone complexions, grapefruit extract has become a staple ingredient in many skincare preparations aimed at balancing the skin. This eye-catching superfruit is a source of Vitamin C and many other important nutrients.

Since our line is built on a strong foundation of natural ingredients, many of our products include Grapefruit Extract, which also acts as a gentle exfoliant. Give your skin the benefits of this citrusy ingredient with one of the products below!


Surface debris and impurities can be lightly rinsed away with Enzyme Cleansing Gel. This botanical infusion swiftly takes care of dirt, oil and makeup while gently exfoliating with Papaya and Citrus extracts.


If your skin is Combination, Dry or Sensitive, turn to our alcohol-free Alpha-Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion to soothe the skin with Aloe and Seaweed while breaking down the gunk in clogged pores.


Glycolic Acid Toner is the answer for Dry or Sensitive skin types that are worried about wrinkles and pigmentation. This refreshing alcohol-free toner can be used twice daily after cleansing to aid in remove dulling build-up and surface residue. 

Enzyme Protective Cream is a rejuvenating treat for Combination, Dry or Sensitive skin types during cold weather. This lightweight protective cream goes on smooth and absorbs easily to soften and smooth.

Revive congested skin with a layer of Glycolic Gel. This miracle in a bottle is just what you need to minimize rough skin texture and the appearance of dull, lackluster skin and blackheads.

If you've never tried Alpha Hydroxy Acids before, get ready to fall in love. Our hydrating Enzyme Revitalizing Mask leaves Combination, Dry or Sensitive skin types looking and feeling soft, luminous and nurtured!

A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap is an enriching blend of Oat Protein and fruit extracts making it the perfect body cleanser for all skin types--even those with sensitivities, dryness and problem skin.

Achieve the clean and invigorated body you deserve with the Citrus Body Cleanser. This body wash is made with Orange and Grapefruit extracts to gently clean and whisk away dirt and impurities, leaving your skin feeling fresh


Now, which of these grapefruit infused goodies are you going to try?

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