Want to find out who's been talking about Mario Badescu? From bloggers to magazines, check out all of the latest buzz on Mario Badescu:

  • Check out this new article on hyperpigmentation from our friend Felicia over at - she gives readers an amazingly detailed - and honest - account of her struggles with and successes over hyperpigmentation. Felicia also mentions how she uses our Vitamin C Serum to diminish her dark sports - check it out!
  • iVillage Beauty came out with a great article about the world's most outrageous beauty treatments. They tear apart the idea that a 24-carat gold facial would be beneficial to the skin, and go on to suggest Mario Badescu's Silver Powder as a less-weird alternative!

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That's it for this week - but let us know if you see any MB buzz around the web that we might have missed. And bloggers - we love hearing from you. Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter.

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