Holy Grails

From my little medicine cabinet to yours: three holy grail game-changers that I’d rather not live without.


Cucumber Tonic Mask I’ve been at Mario for about three years now, and I’ve gone three years too long without this mask in my regimen. I can’t help but think just how much better my skin (and life!) would have been had I tried the Cucumber Tonic Mask sooner, but hey: better late than never, eh?

The love affair began when my skin was going through a bit of a weird, rough patch. And while I usually prefer to let my skin “do its thing” and carry on my normal routine without so much as a worry, I was a bit perturbed. This bout had lasted over a week long and showed no signs of improvement, and for a girl who rarely gets blemishes (save the occasional few hormonal spots) and has yet to experience a breakout, this was an outbreak of epic proportions.

Cue dramatic despair: what I (desperately) needed was a clarifying treatment, stat.

Turns out the Cucumber Tonic Mask was exactly what the skin doctor ordered. It was perfect for my slightly sensitive, combination/oily skin. It was refreshing immediately upon application, cooling and soothing my irritated complexion as it tightened over the course of 20 minutes. What I was left with was a noticeably smoother, more refined complexion and, in just a few days, spots were clearing up.

I use the Cucumber Tonic Mask whenever my skin’s feeling congested, or if I feel like a few spots are coming: I just apply the mask where needed (almost as if it were a spot treatment) and voila! Problem solved.


Glycolic Foaming Cleanser A game-changer that will turn your normal cleansing regimen on its head in the best way possible. Three times a week, I substitute my normal cleanser for the Glycolic for a much-needed deep-clean. I’m convinced that this is what keeps my skin in tip-top shape.

After you’ve massaged the cleanser into the skin, the secret is leaving the light, frothy lather there for an extra minute or so before rinsing completely. Doing so allows the Glycolic Acid to better work its magic – re: dissolve away any dulling, pore-clogging buildup – to take full advantage of its exfoliating powers. Every wash helps even skin tone and texture for a brighter, clearer, smoother complexion, as well as allow the skin to better absorb any creams and serums later on.


Vitamin C Serum This was the first Mario product I fell in love with, and to this very day, still the one I (gratuitously) recommend to everyone and their mothers.

After just one use overnight, I woke up a different woman. People notice too: my complexion is most complimented when I’ve been dutifully using this serum every other night. For days I’m in need of an extra bit of glow – namely in the fall and winter months – I use it under my daily moisturizer.

So when I say this is radiance in a bottle, it really is dewiness bottled up and delivered by way of brighter, smoother, more beautiful complexion.

. . .

I spilled my three, so now it’s your turn. What are your Holy Grail skincare products and why?

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