#MBTravels: How to Pack Light (Even if You’re a Beauty Junkie)

Mario Badescu Travel Skin Care Guide

For those of you lucky (or un-lucky; perspective is everything) enough to have been spoiled with traveling before the extra baggage charges and 3.4 oz rule, you’ll remember a time when checked luggage and generous carry-ons were a reality.

Alas, times are a-changing when we live in a world where Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up (a.k.a. the Minimalist’s Holy How-To Bible) is #life and all your liquids must be decanted into generic bottles and fit into a quart-sized Ziplock. It’s about as un-chic at things get, not to mention, anxiety-inducing for the beauty junkie. How are we to choose between two cleansers we love? What if we need Cream X but only packed Cream Y?!

Trust: I understand the crisis at hand. But with a less-is-more philosophy and a little bit of Marie Kondo’s magic along the way, we can do this. If I can, you can too—and believe me, it took years of weekend-getaways or last-minute trips that taught me a trick or two about learning how to pack light even for a two-week trip:

  • Know your TSA rules and regulations. The worst thing that can happen to a beauty junkie is having to tear open a carefully-packed toiletries bag only to have your Holy Grail favorites tossed into some bin. Equally horrible: not having enough room to pack essential clothes and things because your travel beauty bag takes up half your carry-on.
  • Keep to your tried-and-true basics. I like to pare down as much as I can—which means a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, mask, and serum are all I need when it comes to skincare. The less you bring, the happier you’ll be, according to Marie Kondo.
  • Packettes are a jet-setter’s best friend. Seriously. You don’t need to decant your full-sized products, there’s no fear of spillage, and you save serious space with these little guys. If you have to pack everything in your medicine cabinet, packettes are how you'll get it done TSA-style. Luckily for you, we gift you three of your choice for FREE with every order—which means you can pick your faves and keep them on hand for your next trip.
  • Minis are a must. Deluxe-sized sample are also incredible for travel because you don’t have to deal with the mess that comes with downsizing your full-sized products into jars or bottles that might open-up in your bag.
  • Double-bag everything. It’s better to safe than sorry.

Here’s what I always travel with:

  • Enzyme Cleansing Gel: This has been my go-to cleanser since day one. It’s mild, it’s refreshing, and it’s the perfect pick-me-up as both a morning facial wash and evening pick-me-up after a long day.
  • Botanical Exfoliating Scrub: Recycled cabin air leaves my skin parched and flaky, so a gentle polish post-flight helps keep my skin soft, smooth, and refreshed.
  • Rose Hips Mask: I’m always looking to hydrate and brighten my complexion, but even more so when travelling. This Rosehip-packed treat has been my go-to: As soon as I get to my hotel and finishing exfoliating, I pop on this mask while making sure my hotel Wi-Fi works.
  • Vitamin C Serum: How darling is this mini Vitamin C Serum (which you can get in the Day to Night Kit)?! Again—brightening is the name of the game when it comes travel beauty, so this little guy remains by my side no matter where I land.
  • Facial Spray: Ditto with our cult-favorite facial spray. Instant hydration plus a boost of radiance is much-needed while I’m away, and this rosewater mist does the trick.
  • Drying Lotion, in a plastic bottle: It's the same formula we've all relied on throughout the years, simply housed in a travel-friendly bottle to give you peace of mind no matter how rough your travels.
  • Lip Balm: Not a mini, but a must-have. Always.

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