How to Soothe Stressed Skin

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No matter who or where we are, our lives have changed dramatically in a matter of weeks. It's impossible not to be affected by what's going on—and now that we're a month into life during a pandemic, one of the simplest ways to cope is to discover ways of de-stressing for you.

For most of us here at Badescu HQ, prioritizing time for skin care is our chosen method of self-care. (Naturally; we’re skin care fanatics here.) Here are a few #MBSkinTips on how we soothe stressed skin and establish some sense of normalcy:


Keep a mist on hand at all times.

Any Facial Spray will do, but there's no denying the aromatherapeutic properties that come with botanical-infused mists. Lavender is a classic go-to for soothing our skin and our senses, but really—it depends on what you need in any given moment:

  • For a rejuvenating refresh, reach for Rose.
  • For an invigorating boost, replenish with Green Tea.
  • For calm and comfort, re-balance with Lavender.
  • For an uplifting pick-me-up, refresh with Orange Blossom.


Be kind to your skin.

Stress materializes in a multitude of ways—and usually, it's seen first and foremost on our skin. Whether it makes you break out, reactive, or red and irritated, we want to remind you to be gentle with yourself. Overworking your skin in the hopes of "fixing" the issue will only further worsen whatever it is you're going through: don't pick at any pesky pimples. Don't dry out or over-exfoliate your complexion with treatments in pursuit of instant gratification.

Instead, make balance a priority. Reach for gentle, replenishing skin care instead.


Seek balance.

Happy, healthy skin is balanced skin. The key to achieving it is to adjust our typical routine in order to accommodate this new norm. Which means:

1. If you're washing and sanitizing constantly, you'll need to restore moisture and hydration to your skin.

2. If you're able to stay home all day, you're battling with heat or air conditioning 24/7. Or, if you're out working—especially if you're a healthcare professional—you're dealing with it all.* To make sure your skin stays balanced, take your hydration routine one step further by misting your skin before you moisturize. Doing so will help improve moisturization and infuse additional soothing, botanical benefits into any moisturizer applied afterwards. A few of our favorites are:

3. If your skin is in serious distress, reach for a calming face mask. Use Azulene Calming Mask (for all skin types) or Healing & Soothing Mask (for oily or troubled skin types) after a long day. Each one is infused with soothing botanicals and other comforting ingredients to help restore, replenish, and bring your skin back to life. After 15-20 minutes, liberally mist your skin first to help ease the removal process.


Last but certainly not least, treat yourself.

  • Exfoliate with Almond & Honey Face Scrub. It's decadent, creamy, and positively delightful…and it’s gentle on delicate skin. Plus, it’s in a generous jar—which means you can use it on your body, too, guilt-free. Follow up with your favorite face moisturizer and body lotion.
  • For added hydration and a dewy glow, incorporate Rose Hips Nourishing Oil into your skin care routine. A few drops are all you need to diminish any signs of dullness or dryness.
  • Amp up your hand care routine. Treat your hands like you would your face and as often as you can: mist your hands with your favorite facial spray, apply a few drops of Super Peptide Serum for next-level moisturization and line-smoothing benefits, then follow with a generous layer of your favorite hand cream. Then, slip on your gloves to lock it all in. By they time you remove them, voila! Baby-soft hands.

. . .

* To our healthcare heroes: we are more grateful than ever for your steadfast support and display of bravery every day. Thank you.


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