How To Use Cleanser

how to use cleanser Here’s a weird question: should you wet your face before cleansing, or are you supposed to apply cleanser to a dry face?


how to use cleanser
This strange query has come up so many times that we finally decided to answer it with this basic 'how to use cleanser' guide. Here we go: SOMETIMES your face should be dry, and sometimes it should be wet. Tissue-off cleansers (which are mainly used for very dry, sensitive skin) should be applied to a dry face. No water necessary. Simply tissue it off for skin that’s clean, soft, and hydrated. MOST of the time, you’ll apply your cleanser to a wet face. Make sure to massage your face in gentle circular motions, making smaller circles with the pads of your fingers around your nose and mouth. Rinse off completely. If you’re searching for a cleanser, the Enzyme Cleansing Gel is universally loved and is easily our most popular. If your skin is a bit drier OR oilier, check out THIS TOOL for discovering which cleanser would be best for you.
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