Winter Skin Care Woes: Itchy Skin

itchy skin

Thank goodness, Winter is very nearly over. It's been another rough one! Itchy skin is one of winter’s calling cards. Cold weather and dry heat sap your skin of its natural moisture, making you feel itchy and uncomfortable. Instead of scratching and itching and making it worse, do this: take cooler showers and fewer showers. (We don’t like this any more than you!) Also: you might be able to skip moisturizing from head-to-toe in the summer, but winter is a different story. Once you’re out of the (not-very-hot) shower, make sure to slather on a super-hydrating body lotion.

Is your face also dry and itchy this winter? It could mean that you should switch to a night cream during the colder months. Here’s how to tell if your moisturizer is not enough: you find yourself using more and more of it each night. You should only need a thin layer of any moisturizing product. How to deal with Oily skin during the Winter months>

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