What's In Your Skin Care? Kaolin



Kaolin absorbs both water and oil, allowing it to soak up both excess oil and sweat. While it adheres well to the surface of the skin, it is also not difficult to remove. Best of all, it is non-comedogenic, which means that it works without clogging the pores.

Fun Fact: Kaolin gets its name from Gaoling (Kao-Ling), a hill in the Chinese province Jingdezhen, Jainxi where it is mined.

We've included Kaolin in many of our masks. If you want to incorporate this oil-absorbing, clarifying clay into your routine, check out our Flower & Tonic Mask, which we're basically always recommending for Combination skin types. Looking a little dull? Go for our Brightening Mask with Vitamin C to even out your skin tone and achieve that glow. If you have acne, the Drying Mask is likely a better choice for you.

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