I’ll admit it- I’m 20-something years old and obsessed with anti-aging. I mean it, obsessed- it’s not an understatement by any stretch of the imagination. I even abandoned my career in the psychology field and delved into the world of beauty (my true passion), becoming a Licensed Esthetician. I scrutinize every line on my forehead or even the smallest trace of crow’s feet on my face. With this fixation comes an addiction for anti-aging skin care products. Let's get one thing straight: there is no miracle in a jar or any magical pill that will prevent the inevitable from happening- aging. However, SPF is your first line of defense from premature aging and sun damage.

When I was first introduced to the Mario Badescu Skin Care line, you can imagine my heart skipped a beat when I got our Vitamin C Serum. But that wasn’t enough for me. I had to have the Cellufirm Drops coupled with the Cellufirm Moisturizer. Oh, and don’t forget the Glycolic Eye Cream, Hyaluronic Eye Cream and the Herbal Hydrating Serum. That’s just half of it. You think I’m kidding? No ma’am or sir. I was piling all the products on my face like it was nobody’s business. Amid the product overload frenzy, something happened…my skin broke out. But being the vain lady that I am, it was as if the world was coming to an end. But I knew better and came to my senses. I had a chat with a fellow skin care expert here at Mario Badescu and she gave me some tough love and agreed that I had overdone it with the products.

You’ve heard it before- too much of a good thing can be bad. You’ve heard the old adage before- less is more. So I cut back on some of the products that my skin type didn't really need anyway. Sure enough, within a few days my skin cleared up. Hallelujah. Lesson learned. Am I still consumed with hanging onto my youth for my dear life? Absolutely- so much so that I might shed a tear or two while lying in a fetal position when I turn the big 3-0. But as we speak my skin is looking pretty good thanks to using Mario Badescu Skin Care and fewer products.

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