A Trick For Perfect Lipstick Application

lipstick application

Your lips really need to be prepped for color. I mean, who wants uneven, patchy color and lip flakes? This is even more important now, with the return of 90s-style matte lip colors (!!) this upcoming fall.


Here’s how to get it right: apply a light coat of lip balm before you swipe on your lipstick, making sure to blot the lip balm before color application. There should only be a light coating there. This might seem counter-intuitive: won't it just make your lipstick slide off? Instead, it creates a smooth canvas for lipstick application. Of course, if you have time, gently exfoliate your lips first. We use our Lip Wax to lightly hydrate. I keep a pot of this in my medicine cabinet for morning makeup application, and the Lip Wax stick in my purse for the rest of the day.

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