How To Love (Actually) Your Skin

love actually

It’s holiday season! For a lot of us, it’s time to watch all of our favorite holiday movies. From It’s a Wonderful Life to Scrooged, it just doesn’t feel right to watch them any other time of year, does it? My favorite is Love, Actually. It’s just one of those movies that just makes you love everybody. It also makes you realize how much we underestimate the power of love.

Beauty lessons from our favorite girls-night-in movies>

We should practice this on ourselves. So often, we’re hard on ourselves based entirely on appearances. Has your skin been breaking out recently? Are you developing crow’s feet? Should either of these issues affect how you feel about yourself, deep down? Maybe it’s time to say to yourself, ‘To me, you are perfect.’ After all, whose opinion matters more than yours? Because love, actually, is all around us. Including within yourself! 4 skin care lessons from TV and movies>

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