Product Spotlight: Makeup Remover Soap

Indulge with this gentle, non-stripping facial cleanser.


Don't let its name fool you: the Make-Up Remover Soap is a soap-free formula great for ALL skin types—even oily and sensitive-- since this face wash contains no pore-clogging oils. Makeup lovers will appreciate the way this gentle and effective daily cleanser removes traces of cosmetic products and surface debris, leaving behind a soft, clear complexion. To use the Make-Up Remover Soap: Take a quarter-sized amount of product and massage onto an already wet face, avoiding the eye area. Use circular motions with your fingertips and firm but gentle pressure around areas near the mouth and neck (where signs of aging show up first). After a few moments, rinse with tepid water and follow with toner or astringent. Now, let's choose which eye makeup remover is best for you! Check these out:
  • Carnation Eye Make-Up Remover Oil is a gentle liquid formula that works well on the eye area while helping to remove traces of eyeliner and mascara (even waterproof products), while keeping the delicate eye area moisturized.
  • Eye Make-Up Remover Cream comes in a jar and has a soft, gel-like consistency that’s straightforward and easy to access with cotton swabs or fingertips. This gentle cream works well for everyone, including those who wear contact lenses.
  • Eye Make-Up Remover Gel (Non-Oily) removes all traces of makeup without leaving grease or residue behind. It contains Carnation Oil as well as soothing, skin conditioning Euphrasia Extract.
Choose an eye makeup removing formula that’s most comfortable for you. Apply enough product to dampen the surface of a cotton pad and hold it to each eye for a few seconds before gently moving the pad in a downward motion. Repeat until the cotton comes up clean and all traces of eye makeup have been removed. Voila, fresh faced and clean!

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