MB Spotlight: Enzyme Revitalizing Mask

I admit there’s a bit of monkey see, monkey do action here. As of late, all the love in the blogosphere and our favorite glossies have been singing praises for the Enzyme Revitalizing Mask, so like any bona fide beauty junkie, I dug into my stash (an assigned drawer just for MB goodies because I, unfortunately, don’t have a medicine cabinet) for my own jar.

There I was cross-legged and white-faced on my bed, wondering how I could have let this mask fall to the wayside. A few drops of Vitamin C Serum under a thin layer of the Enzyme Revitalizing Mask and 15 minutes later, my complexion was, well, revitalized. Days of dehydration from the crazy cold left my skin parched and achy – a creamy blend of Alpha Hydroxy Acids wore away any flakiness while antioxidants Vitamin A and E brought back the glow in my complexion.

The takeaway? The Enzyme Revitalizing Mask needs a permanent spot on my bathroom counter so I remember to use it once a week, and good things come from stalking the best beauty gurus on the Twittersphere.

What MB goodie did you fall back in love with lately?

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