Let’s Hear It For the Boys: What To Pack

By now it’s safe to assume that the ladies have gotten the toiletries packing down pat (if not: a quick browse through our archives or search on Youtube will yield enough results to make your head spin!) – but what about the gents?

Worry not; we haven’t forgotten about our Mario men.

men's skincare

Store all of your essentials in a sturdy, easy-to-clean canvas pouch like our signature men’s travel bag. It’s stylish, sleek, and just the perfect size for organizing and stowing all of your travel essentials in one place. Bygone are the days of rummaging through that duffel or calling hotel personnel to scramble for basics!

Unless you know you’ll be away for long periods of time, decant your favorite cleanser, moisturizer, body wash, shampoo, and shaving products into smaller, travel-sized containers. There’s no need to carry more than you need, so this is where our samples come in handy: keep the bottles and just refill as needed, or, head to your local drugstore to purchase a set of TSA-friendly containers.


So, what do you need?

  • Razor/Electric Shaver

  • Cleanser: Something non-drying yet exfoliating to keep skin bright, healthy and shine-free.

  • Toner: Think mild; you want a toner than cleanses but also has anti-inflammatory properties to calm skin post-shave.
  • Pre-Shave Conditioner: Never underestimate the power of a pre-shave conditioner; this essential component of men's skincare is a soothing gel to soften the beard area for a closer, more comfortable shave to reduce razor bumps and burns.

  • Shaving Cream: An essential for that perfect shave to protect against irritation.

  • Serum: If it isn’t already in your daily regimen, add it to see – and feel – a difference. A lightweight, hydrating balm is essential as an aftershave and moisturizer in one.

  • Drying Lotion: Just in case. Part of mastering the art of packing light and efficiently is to always be prepared, no matter what.

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