Skin Sin Series: Over-Moisturizing

I have combination skin—I get a little oilier in the warmer season and a little drier during the cooler months. When my skin is leaning toward dry, I rebel against the esthetician side of me and slather on more moisturizer unnecessarily. It requires self control not to commit this skin sin, but I relapse sometimes.

Over-moisturizing is a waste of product (and money). Furthermore, layer upon layer of face cream can potentially cause a breakout. Don’t get me wrong—using the right moisturizer for your skin type is beneficial to the skin, but too much of a good thing can go wrong. Instead, apply a normal amount of a moisturizing product suitable for your skin's current condition. For example, if the cold weather leaves your skin dry, switch to a night cream instead of slathering on too much of your regular moisturizer. Happy Moisturizing!
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