The Monthly Edit: April Favorites

Every month, we revisit our medicine cabinet and re-work our top shelf based on what our skin needs. We take into consideration the current state of our complexion—dry from a harsh winter? Oily from a long summer?—seasonal changes, and what concerns we want to hone in on and target.

March was a little rough. Unpredictable weather (we volleyed between 70-degree weather and snow within one week here in New York City) left our skin confused and out-of-sorts, so the priority for April is to re-balance and reset.

Here’s what we’re using to revitalize winter-worn skin just in time for spring:



Our go-to face wash when we want something that’s fresh, easy, and leaves our skin feeling exceptionally clean—never dry or tight. Papaya and Grapefruit Extracts add the perfect zing that gets us in the mood for warmer weather, sun, and other fun things.



Florals for spring? A predictable (though never poor) choice when it comes to the sartorial, but always perfectly suited for skin this time of year. Witch Hazel provides a clarifying boost that helps keep excess oil in check, and a blend of Black Rose Extract, Rose Oil, and Rosewater leaves skin looking healthy, youthful, and rejuvenated.



True, we have four face mists at our disposal, but we have a soft spot for the original cult favorite. Nearly four decades after its inception, this Rose-infused facial spray still has reigning position in our medicine cabinets and our hearts. Mist before moisturizer for added hydration, throughout the day as an instant pick-me-up, or after makeup for a dewy, fresh-faced finish. The possibilities are endless.

(Here are a few more ways to use your facial spray.)



Even if you disregard the host of skin-loving ingredients packed into the tiny pot, you’ll find that judging on texture alone still makes this eye cream so easy to love (and reach for). Ceramide Herbal Eye Cream is between a lightweight cream and a balm: there’s a little bit of bounce when you dip your ring finger in the pot, but the moment you press the product to your skin, it glides on with ease. A blend of nourishing oils, Hyaluronic Acid, and antioxidant Vitamin E melts into skin to replenish skin as Eyebright Extract restores radiance to tired under-eyes.

Prefer an oil-free formula? Try Ceramide Eye Gel. Love a traditional cream texture? Use Hyaluronic Eye Cream. Not sure which eye cream is right for you? Check out our guide.



Sometimes the changing of the seasons can leave skin a little out-of-sorts (with a new few spots to boot, literally), and this face cream is the perfect pick for fickle, oily, or troubled skin. Classic, creamy, and oil-free, this Aloe-infused formula is the perfect daily moisturizer that hydrates and re-balances the complexion.



For when you need a deep clean but also a moisturizing, floral-infused boost. A few times a week, apply this Gardenia-infused clay mask to draw out pore-clogging impurities and refine your complexion.

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