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Mother's Day Is Coming Soon!

Mother's Day 2015 is Sunday, May 10th. Below, find our must-have list of sweet gifts for Mom!

I never spend Mother’s Day with my Mom anymore—she moved out of state and it’s too far of a trip for just one day. However, I do get to have a brunch with my aunt, since her son moved out of state as well!

Here’s what I’m bringing her this year (and sending to my mom):

Vitamin C Serum: Both Mom and Aunt were avid sun-worshippers in the 80s. The result being sun spots galore. The Vitamin C Serum helps visibly brighten up skin hyperpigmentation. (Yes, it can be used for Melasma, Acne Marks, Age Spots etc!) Peptide Renewal Serum: I know my Mom loves this because she was one of the first to try it when it was released and she gave rave reviews! My aunt hasn’t tried this yet, however, and I’m excited for her to give it a shot. It targets all the major signs of aging—from fine lines and wrinkles to sagging skin. Elasto-Seamollient Hand Cream: This stuff really feels like a luxe drink of water for your hands. I know it’s already on my Mom’s nightstand, but I bet my aunt would love it as well! Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater: Because of course I’m giving this as a gift, probably with a bouquet of pink roses, too! Happy Mother’s Day!
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