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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Just a friendly reminder: Mother’s day is just two weeks away! Don’t end up hovering at the last hour around the Mother’s Day section at the card store. There’s nothing like a little planning ahead; order a gift now and you’ll be thrilled when the day is near! (Check this out: Our Mother’s Day Buying Guide) Here’s a lovely idea: pick up a sweet little basket and load it with skin care products and washcloths/towels (that match her bathroom, of course!). You could get her a gift set OR an assortment of things you’d think she’d like! We recommend:
  • Peptide Renewal Serum, an anti-aging and super-hydrating serum to help make mature skin become firmer, plumper, and glowing with radiance!
  • Peptide Renewal Cream, the perfect complement to the serum.
  • Caviar Night Cream, because what's more elegant and luxurious than caviar?
  • Protein Night Cream, one of our most popular night creams.
  • Vitamin C Serum, to help brighten up skin for the perfect glow.
  • Special Hand Cream with Vitamin E, a favorite among MB staffers (you won't catch any of us without it!)
  • Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater, to help refresh and hydrate the complexion and the soul anytime, anywhere.
Need more Mother's Day gift ideas? You could also treat her to a gift card OR (if you live in the New York City area) a gift certificate for spa services! mother's day gift ideas (See: More ideas for Mother’s Day) What are you getting for Mom this year?
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