7 Reasons Your Skin Care Regimen Is NOT Working

  1. You’re not using the right products for your skin. You might have the most amazing, most popular skin care regimen in the world—but you're still saying, 'my skin looks bad!' Make sure to customize and fine-tune your products to the specific needs of your skin. You can always contact us at 800-223-3728 to speak to a skin care specialist OR chat live with an operator on our website at!
  2. You’re using the right products—you’re just using them incorrectly.Maybe you’re abusing your spot cream by applying all over your face. Or perhaps you’re applying an anti-aging serum after your night cream. Mistakes like this can make all the difference. How to use your skin care regimen>
  3. Your daily and nightly routines are inconsistent. If you’re crashing at night without washing your face, even if it’s just some of the time, your skin will show it. Which cleanser is right for you?>
  4. You’re mixing and matching between brands. The issue is that you may be using too many products with the same active ingredient in various concentrations, which could cause the skin to become irritated.
  5. 3 of your products have the same powerful active ingredient.Maybe you’ve chosen every product with Glcyolic Acid from Mario Badescu Skin Care. Not a good idea. Sometimes you CAN have too much of a good thing. Overloading on actives can leave your skin over-exfoliated, irritated, or sensitive.
  6. Your lifestyle is affecting your skin. Eating inflammation-causing foods (like excessive sugar), smoking, alcohol consumption, etc, all can negatively affect your skin.
  7. Your skin has changed. Maybe your complexion has changed, but your regimen stayed the same. It’s time to switch things up! You don’t want the skin care equivalent of the ‘Rachel’ haircut in 2015, do you?
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