No Pain No Gain

no pain no gain

If it stings or hurts, it must be working, right?


no pain no gain

This is SO NOT TRUE of skin care products. Don’t think that your products aren’t working simply because they’re not irritating your skin. <-- Actually, this sounds kind of silly when you think about, doesn’t it? Who wants angry skin?! Here are a few hard-core, effective skin care products that never bother our skin: Drying Cream This acne spot treatment is actually soothing, but it still works like a dream to dry up acne. Its legions of fans throughout the world are a testament to its powers. Peptide Renewal Cream Oh wow, anti-aging cream feels like heaven on your skin. That doesn’t mean it’s not working to communicate with skin’s cells, prompting new collagen synthesis. See? No pain = tons of gain!

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