Relief for Very Oily Skin

Do you have unmistakably oily skin? Are you frustrated that, no matter how much powder you dust on your face to control the shine, you’re still an oil-slick by midday? Mario Badescu Skin Care is here to help! Read further to find out what products we offer that will provide relief for very oily skin types.

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Wash your face withBotanical Facial Gel.

Exfoliate withGlycolic Foaming Cleanser (in lieu of the Botanical Facial Gel two to three times per week).

Tone your face withCucumber Cleansing Lotion. This will also help with acne if you're prone to occasional breakouts. Or you can take it a step further with Special Cucumber Lotion if you have regular breakouts.

Moisturize withControl Moisturizer for Oily Skin.

Treat your skin withSpecial Mask for Oily Skin (two to three times a week).

Don’t neglect your eye area! UseCeramide Eye Gel. With these oil-fighting products, you can wave midday shine good bye!

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