How To Take Charge Of Oily Skin In Cold Weather

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere will soon be battling the cold and dryness of winter weather – but for combination/oily skin types, the issue is twofold. How do we stay hydrated while keeping our T-zone shine (and any potential breakouts) at bay?

It’s all in changing up your toner, serum and cream.


Too often people underestimate the power of a toner, but if you use it twice daily after cleansing you’ll notice two things: your skin feels exponentially cleaner and looks clearer as well. A gentle astringent (like our Cucumber Cleansing Lotion) helps to refresh and clarify pores to give your skin a shine-free finish – all without further drying dehydrated skin.

Also, add a serum into your skincare regimen! What combo/oily skin needs is hydration and extra protection in the winter, and a lightweight, oil-free serum will do the trick. You may know our Herbal Hydrating Serum as one of our most unique, versatile products for all skin types. It doubles as a one-stop hydrator or layering go-to. A few drops used after your moisturizer will help lock in the moisture and keep your skin looking fresh and dewy – never greasy – throughout the day.

Use it with your night cream or, if your skin is in need of a bit more hydration than usual, upgrade to our Hyaluronic Emulsion with Vitamin C. High in antioxidant Vitamin C, it’ll help plump and nourish while improving the texture of your skin. Just 2-3 drops all over or as a spot treatment for extra dry areas will do your skin justice. Don’t be afraid to use it day and night; because of its highly-absorbent nature, this is a serum that helps retain the moisture without the shine.

Moisturizer is, of course, the next step (we know you know the Mario Method by heart!). Stick with your oil-free and serum combination if you’re on the oilier side of the spectrum, and for those closer to combination, give our Control Moisturizer for Oily Skin a go. Balsam Peru soothes any redness from winter skin while combating the dryness with a non-greasy, oil-free formula.

Feeling adventurous? Up the ante on your eye cream. We know all you combo/oily skin types are loyal to your Hyaluronic Eye Cream, but our Chamomile option becomes a fast winter favorite with a boost in Vitamins A and E. It delivers just enough hydration for the delicate eye area while minimizing the appearance of dryness, fine lines and wrinkles over time.

Change up your weekly mask routine too. Keep the Kaolin Clay favorites on the back burner for the season and switch to a hydrating mask like our Enzyme Revitalizing Mask. The name speaks for itself; it’s a moisturize-intensive Alpha Hydroxy mask ideal for dull, dry skin that keeps skin clean and clear while leaving it refreshed and glowing.

And the year-round glow is what we’re all after, yeah?

What are your winter go-to skin-savers for oily skin?

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