Post-Halloween Madness: How to Bring Back the Clarity in Your Skin

Face feeling a bit congested, tight, or uncomfortable from post-Halloween makeup madness? Here's how to bring back the clarity:


Remove your makeup.

Thoroughly—as in, leave no traces behind. We recommend using any of these makeup removers to dissolve away all that intense eye makeup first before going in with your cleansing routine. If you went heavy on the face makeup too, try this #MBSKINTIP: Remove your makeup with Cleansing Milk with Carnation & Rice Oil, then follow with a rinse-off face wash like Enzyme Cleansing Gel to ensure a thorough cleanse.


Hit the reset button.

After a thorough process of makeup-removing and cleansing, set aside 20 minutes for some skin R&R with one of our tonic masks. Mario Badescu "tonic masks" are clay-based masks that work to purify and clarify the skin—which is exactly what post-Halloween skin craves to reset and start fresh.

Not sure which mask is right for your skin type? Here's the 411:

  • Flower & Tonic Mask is the gentlest of our tonic mask collection. This is a Gardenia and clay-based mask that works restore balance by lifting impurities from the skin while improving moisture retention so all skin types (including sensitive!) appears smoother and more refined.

  • Take it a step up and you have our Orange Tonic Mask and Strawberry Tonic Mask. Both are formulated with a Kaolin and Zinc Oxide base to purify and tighten the appearance of pores, offering added oil-absorbing properties to truly deep clean skin. Orange Tonic Mask contains Orange Peel to rejuvenate and prevent pore congestion, whereas Strawberry Tonic Mask is infused with Strawberry (a source of Vitamin C) to give skin a brightening boost.

  • Then there's the strongest of the four: Cucumber Tonic Mask. Designed for very oily or congested skin, this powerful purifying formula leaves your complexion refined, smooth, and shine-free. It's infused with Cucumber to tone and formulated with natural minerals to clarify—making it a must-have mask for getting your skin back into pre-Halloween makeup madness shape.

  • And for troubled areas, try this #MBSKINTIP: Apply Buffering Lotion to those erupted areas, then follow with a thin, even layer of Drying Mask on top. This acts a powerful clarifying solution that helps dry up existing surface blemishes and target under-the-skin bumps.

. . .

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