Overcoming Pregnancy Melasma

pregnancy melasma

Am I imagining it, or is EVERYBODY suddenly having a baby? I love all my new-mom friends, and it’s been beyond fascinating to see the women I knew as elementary-school girls go through pregnancy. It’s crazy! I’ve had three new moms in the past month ask me about the same thing: melasma. Pregnancy hormones escalate sun damage in the skin, causing (temporary) skin discoloration, which is sometimes called the ‘mask of pregnancy.’ One of my girlfriends has brand-new dark patches, while another has experienced the worsening of existing sun spots.


If you'd like to make this pregnancy-related hyperpigmentation fade faster, try these crucial skin-brightening ingredients: Vitamin C and Kojic Acid. Our recommendations? Vitamin C Serum and the Whitening Mask (with Kojic Acid) for Pregnancy Melasma.

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