Q & A: What Causes Large Pores?

Put down the magnifying mirror...

Put down the magnifying mirror...

Q. What causes large pores? A. Here’s the truth: For the most part, your pore size is determined by genetics and skin type. When you have oily skin, sebum (oil) and other products collect in the skin, causing the pores to appear larger. You'll notice that those with dry skin have less-noticeable pore size. Age is another factor. As skin loses elasticity over time, pores begin to appear larger. Damage from the sun exacerbates pore size as well by causing the skin to thicken. While men tend to have larger pores than women, women also experience more hormonal/oil production changes, causing large pores.

Q. What can be done about large pores? A. While you cannot physically change the size or shape of your pores, you can temporarily reduce their appearance. Using a regimen designed specifically for oily skin can help. Keep skin clean, toned, exfoliated, and properly hydrated. By regulating skin’s oil production, you’ll help minimize the appearance of pores. Receiving regular facials (with extractions) is also incredibly helpful. Use a mask designed to reduce the appearance of pores. We have a special occasion mask (the Temporary Lifting Mask) which includes pore-tightening egg albumin and can be used on a more regular basis to help tighten and lift the skin, thereby diminishing the appearance of pores.

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